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Featured Authors:

Kerry Adrienne Andrew Grey Evelyn Leaderman Teri Riggs
Christine Alvarez Leanna Renee Hieber Jenn LeBlanc A.D. Roland
Louisa Bacio Joey W. Hill M.K. Mancos Bianca Sommerland
Diana Castilleja Mikea Howard Melanie Marchande Milly Taiden
Lia Davis Olivia Jaymes T.J. Michaels Jenny Trout
A.L. Davroe Cat Johnson Marianne Morea  
Eliza Gayle Sahara Kelly Julie Morgan  
Tilly Greene Sherrilyn Kenyon S.A. Price  

Attending Authors:

Jennifer Adams Patricia Scott James Carrie Pack Kim Turner
Catherine Beaumont JN Johnson Tonya Plank Jo Vanz
Elaine Calloway Kelsey Jordan Tonya Ramagos Violet Vaughn
Claudy Conn Amber Kell Nancy Reece Lily Vega
C.R. Cummings Gina Kincade Cait Reynolds Savannah Verte
Emily Cyr Ambrielle Kirk Armand Rosamilia Jamie Waters
Kandi Day KN Lee Colette Saucier Jay Wilburn
VA Dold Eva LeNoir Rita Sawyer Catherine Winters
Larynn Ford Sheri Lyn Tarah Scott Roxanne Witherell
Landra Gaff K. Margaret Char Sharp Vivian Wood
Greg Godek Tamara Mays Shawnee Small  
M.L. Guida Kiki Meyers Michelle Spiva  
Amy J. Hawthorn Gracen Miller Tmonique Stephens  
Yvette Hines Linda Mooney VJ Summers  
Lisa Hughey Jean Murray Elle Thorne  
Melanie James Cassidy K. O'Connor T. Lynne Tolles  

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